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This project by Sophie Loizou of Radical Nature Records, is part of an initiative to create works that focus upon music releases as objects of artistic, musical and aesthetic beauty. In a time when many record labels move to create their main income stream within digital downloads, the idea was to offer music as a piece of limited edition art—something that is so beautifully produced, you would want to hang it on your wall, as well as play it on your turntable.

Equilibrium Sophie Loizou Aphoria Horizonte

For the second Radical Nature release, Aphoria Horizonte, we began by immersing ourselves in the music and engaging with the inspiration for each piece. Although initially surprised and slightly self-conscious about the idea of bringing Sofie Loizou herself into the artwork, our shoot with Sofie was a playful and fun session.

Equilibrium Sophie Loizou Aphoria Horizonte

From Sophie: ‘The amazing thing about working with Equilibrium Design is that they have a vast ocean of imagination that will help bring your vision to life. And if you don’t have a vision, they will help you find it. The team is incredibly helpful and between them they have a wealth of talents to cover all bases. They worked hard to create a visual sensoria that matched the music and the results were stunning.’

Equilibrium Sophie Loizou Aphoria Horizonte