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Luminocity is an exhibition by the UNSW Built Environment faculty, showcasing inspiring work from students and graduates across all undergraduate degrees, who are solving urban and social challenges around Australia and the globe.

The Challenge

Off the back of our successful design for Luminocity 2015, to create an engaging experiential marketing event to showcase and demystify the faculty’s seven degrees and increase undergraduate applications for 2017.

The Outcome

Based on extensive consultation, so far we have supported the faculty with creating buzz leading up to the event through marketing collateral and a motion graphics video.

We look forward to delivering the full Luminocity exhibition design in August.

building the Luminocity sculpture

We designed and built a 3m tall light sculpture with programmed lighting. We art directed a photoshoot of the sculpture to create the hero artwork for the 2016 Luminocity branding to be used across marketing collateral. The sculpture also doubles as signage within the exhibition.


brand photoshoot

Equilibrium Design has helped us with a number of different projects. Their work has always been magnificent. One particularly large project involved everything from the concept, the design and building of a large exhibition, and the delivery of a range of related material including all collateral. The project has to be delivered on budget and on time. And it had to look exceptional. Equilibrium delivered in every way!

Alan Peters

Deputy Dean, UNSW Built Environment
Head, School of Built Environment
Director, Australian Graduate School of Urbanism

Working with Bec and her team from Equilibrium is always a pleasure. They work in a very professional manner and approach each project with business and creative skills combined.

They take the time to understand their clients’ needs and only deliver high quality work. Taking a lot of pride in every project, whether small or large, they ensure the delivery is seamless, timely and impeccable.

I highly recommend Equilibrium for any project, particularly complex ones! Their business skills combined with their creativity give the client a unique experience.

Marie Caccamo

Marketing and Communications Manager, UNSW Built Environment
Project Director – Opera Australia/UNSW Built Environment project

Luminosity 2016 Logo Sting